jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Travie McCoy : Billionaire ft Bruno Mars

always good to have money! not exaggerated! but in which case you become billionaire.... not bad, donate some money! and of course buy things you always wanted to have ... but with some humility to not look like a donkey!

Jessie J fT BoB Price Tag...

she's right (Jessie J) in many ways, it is true that money can not buy happiness, but money is important to keep! bad that there are people who want to continue making money, and earn more money while they become more greedy ... and to be able to say they are better than others...

martes, 21 de junio de 2011

description of my favorite room in the house

coming into my room next door to the right is my dresser, next to the dresser to the right is my desk, on the desk there are shelves that are a little dirty and there is more disorder between them! to the front of the dresser and the desk is my bed, next to my bed on the right is my library and my night table! next to my bed to the left is a small very comfortable sofa! and next to the sofa is my closet thatby the way is something big! XD I hope you liked the explanation of my bedroom ...

viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

description of where I live!

This is the description from where I live!
I live in an apartment! I live in the 7th floor, apartment 7B ... The neighborhood is pretty quiet where I live .. and I like it so I can sleep more! XD ok! the neighborhood  it is in the area of Santa Maria....
This is the description of my favorite room of my house!

My favorite room is my bedroom because it is there where I can study in peace then I have all my stuff. no one can enter without my permission! just me! XD my room is not very big but I like it is .. so is my room: it has a wall full of mirrors, large has a desk full of books but I removed my room to put things! my bed is small but very comfortable! I have a big closet full of clothes! and I have a lamp that illuminates the whole room when this night! I hope you enjoyed! XD
 Hello, my name is Jose Franceschini, I will describe four rooms of my house ... I hope you like

This is the description of my room: In my room there are many things ... is something messed up.... XD a bed, desk, closet, a library, a wall full of mirrors ... etc ...
This is the description of the second room of my house, the living room!
Well, in the living room there are several things that I think I really like! There are two large sofas and ugly, but very comfortable! There is a giant TV where we see many movies! There is also a table that is more decorative than anything else! That’s good description of my living room ... XD
Now I will describe my kitchen!
In the kitchen of the house is: a toaster, an oven, a stove, blender, coffee maker... many cabinets where we keep the dishes and some pots and pans ... and as many ornaments rare thing around the kitchen!
The last description of the rooms of my house is on the bathroom.... My home has 3 bathrooms ... I will describe the bathroom of my brother and my ... has a toilet, a sink, a shower, a mirror and a small window ...
Well that's the description of some of the rooms in my house! I hope
 you liked it!!!!!!!